“Electronics for you” talks about the “Buddy” player

5 May 2011 by Vriti Mehdiratta

“Electronics for you”  talks about the national award winning “Buddy player” designed by Bisquare Systems especially for the visually impaired.   It is a low cost handheld mp3 media player integrated with a daisy book reader that can read out the menu and books (published in daisy format) aloud . The device is developed as a platform for education that allows the user to carry the learning material (e-books) on a media player and is designed such that it can even be used by the differently abled with ease.

buddy player with daisy book reader

“Buddy Player”- a media player and daisy book reader for the visually impaired

To read the article go to  ……   Buddy-Player  For Visually Impaired

EFY talks about the Buddy Player


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