Newgate Educational College accommodates learners

20 December 2015 by Ramendra Baoni

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nba cheap jerseys Duma Sandile Mboni Chairman of the Foundation,, MD and Founder of the Foundation were moved by the appalling conditions that they witnessed first hand.After their successful event on this year’s Mandela Day where they donated shoes and jerseys to a less privileged primary school in Tshepisong, JHB West and the event was broadcast on SABC 1 and on Dstv.Subsequently, Vision Katleho Foundation have secured a venue and fixed the 29th November to hold their Event/Fundraising campaign for the Newgate College of Education which will also be broadcast on Kids News on SABC TV. The reason for the urgency is because the students finish writing on the 28th November and the Foundation yearns to bring some relief and comfort to their disadvantaged students.Vision Katleho Foundation and their Team will converge on the school to assist to the best of their ability. Newgate Educational College accommodates learners from grade 8 to 12. nba cheap jerseys

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