Bateman contracted until the end of 2021

16 June 2016 by Ramendra Baoni

Today PaperThe Canberra Raiders have rejected an approach to sign Cronulla centre Josh Dugan. Dugan playing future is up in the air as uncertainty surrounds a potential knee injury to the former Australian international. The Canberra product played 70 NRL games for the Green Machine to start his career, but he was sacked after he skipped training to drink Bacardi Breezers on his rooftop.

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canada goose uk black friday He already developed a special bond with his Raiders teammates and was keen to extend his time in the capital. Bateman contracted until the end of 2021. He said they would learn a lot from the loss more than they would if they won and felt that would drive them to greater heights in the future. canada goose uk black friday

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