The Business Strategy needs a tangible outcome. We need to reflect the Business Strategy through the development of a distinct Brand – the Brand is developed through Positioning, Personality and Visual Identity.

Consistency in communication of thought that instills the product into customers mind. We ensure the brand speaks consistently and volumes through all the touch-points.

Naming – Names, attitudes, mood-boards, overall product story to create a cult like following for the product ( like iPhone, iPod, Surface, PSP) …

Identity – Developing Logos, Colors, Typography & Graphic Language that reflects the Positioning of the product based on the Business Strategy.

Market Collaterals – Reflecting the product story through all the collaterals that assist the product in taking it without dilution to the Market.

Marketing Communication – Is the Story. Creating a marketing Buzz is what a good product needs. The idea is to communicate clearly the positioning of the product and the end-user benefit.
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