Product Development


Once the Detailed Specifications and the Design have been worked out, the implementation is a relatively simpler step. Since the implementation phase is handled by the partner design houses, we do not directly handle the implementation. It however needs to be “Project Managed” to ensure that the implementation proceeds as expected. This requires detailed Design reviews, progress monitoring and quality control in the implementation phase. We assist the client with the project management of the implementation phase along with performing the acceptance tests as per the acceptance criterion defined in the Detailed Design Phase.

Project management

Interaction with the Design houses to ensure that the Implementation is being done as per the agreed guidelines and ensuring the timely delivery of quality deliverables. This is an on going activity throughout the implementation Phase.

Revision Control

An elaborate revision control and Version Tracking system is incorporated throughout the implementation.

Design Reviews/ Approval

All sub-blocks of the design that are being implemented are reviewed by us to ensure that the Design Houses are on the right track with respect to the design. Any feedback regarding the issues in implementation of a given functionality is evaluated and in case of technical issues, design alternatives suggested. Each subsystem, functionality is tested and approved before progressing to the next step.


We work with the Design Houses to ensure a smooth integration of the various components implemented by them. One Design House is designated and assigned the responsibility of the overall integration and testing.

Testing & Field Trials

Once the integration has been done, the Design House responsible for the integration along with our team carry out the initial Phase of testing. We also work with the client in the subsequent testing with the alpha & beta customers and in the field trials. At this stage, we train and equip the client team to carry out the field-testing.
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