• If we cover only 4% of World's Desert Area with Photo-voltaic, it could supply the equivalent of all of the world's electricity!!

Why Solar

Solar energy being one of the basic source of energy available everywhere is the bottom up way to deliver energy to the poor nations that have little or no access to grid power. Solar energy  is clean  energy and hence a reliable, scalable and simple solution to address global warming.

  • Current energy solutions like bio-fuels are not only rapidly diminishing, but also have health hazards and leave carbon footprints.
  • Solar Power, given the abundant availability, makes an attractive source of Power Generation. Combined with High Efficiency Charging Circuits and Energy Efficient loads such as LED, solar energy is a viable option to meet the lighting and power needs of the world.
  • Developing countries like Africa and East Asia have unreliable electricity but have favourable sunlight conditions for 250-300 days per year.
  • Solar is a Renewable Source of energy that will last always without causing any harm to our environment. To meet the rapidly growing energy demands of developing nations, it is necessary that new and cleaner sources of energy are tapped.

Solar power is a resource with extraordinary potential for the world – especially its poorest residents.
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