• Patent Pending Technology
  • Multi-chemistry Charger with battery management
  • Ensures >90% Efficiency for charge and drive by optimal utilization of the energy source & output drive


  • Forms the core of all off-grid, SOLAR based products
  • Microcontroller based Charge Controller & Driver
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Charger with wide input range

Green Chip

The Green Chip, a patent pending technology that is Microcontroller based charge controller cum output driver. Its key parameters are flexible and software programmable. The external discrete components enables high energy efficiency. Suitable to be used universally in different applications – low wattage & high wattage systems.

The GreenChip enables the creation of highly optimized and energy efficient mechanism of Charging a battery using an un-regulated power source in an efficient manner (by extracting the maximum amount of power without overloading the source) and subsequently using that stored power to drive an electronics load (such as a LED). This being a software driven solution allows us to tightly control and optimize the system behaviour and create customer delight.

Bisqauare has designed the Patent Pending Switching Controllers for driving LED based lamps that can use various Unregulated DC power sources for charging the batteries (multiple Chemistries), the commonly used sources being Solar Panels, AC Adaptors and Hand Operated Dynamos.

  • Applications – Rechargeable Solar LED Lamps / Lanterns, Street Lights, MPPT based charge controllers
  • Supports multiple Power sources for Charging: Solar Panel, AC Alternator (with Rectifier) and Unregulated DC Input.
  • Serial Control/ Configuration interface (DMX optional)
  • Support for VRLA, Li Ion/Polymer
  • Deep discharge recovery mode – for revival of batteries
  • Over Charge protection and low battery cut off
  •  The Inbuilt Microcontroller allows for customization of user defined parameters such as dimming control and user interface.
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