• Core technology of ECCODiva
  • Micro controller based electronics
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking for optimal solar charging
  • Software Programmable


  • Patent Pending microcontroller based technology forms the core of ECCODIVA
  • Ensures high efficiency in charging and drive
  • Customizable User Interface


ECCODIVA’s electronics is based on a Micro-Controller which gives the user multiple charging options that is Grid based Power supply, Solar Panels and other Human Powered charging sources. The Power controller can take diverse sources of unregulated power (such as Solar PV cell, Cycle dynamo or a mains power adapter) and charge its internal battery very efficiently by adapting the power draw to the capability of the source to deliver power. The stored power is then used to drive the LED in a very efficient manner.

  • Micro Controller based Software controls the Driving and Charging Efficiencies of the light and manages the High power 1Watt LED.
  • The Micro-Controller has a unique feature of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) that allows Solar Charging from Dawn to Dusk, unlike a lot of solar products that need the sun-altitude to be higher for efficient charging.
  • Gives a battery back-up of 10 Hours in the highest Brightness mode, and a 250 hour Battery back-up in the Night-Lamp Mode.
  • Lamp to be charged between 90V to 280V, since in India and many other developing countries Grid based Power supply is un-reliable.
  • ECCODIVA has the ability to be re-programmed using a 3 pin access, to be able to upgrade software to enhance energy-efficiency and also to add new features into the light, which may emerge, based on market feedback – like number of brightness levels, brightness, color of light, etc.
  • It uses Lithium Ion Battery that can withstand high voltage fluctuations and has Smart Battery Indicators for four light levels.
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