Use Cases

ECCODIVA has a unique design  that fulfills various needs of lighting through its five reconfigurable modes which are:

Torch Mode
Illuminating a larger area
with insufficient luminance
Illuminating a wider area
Light being emitted and
wasted in undesired areas
Directed light on the object/ area of Interest with Higher luminance
Ceiling Mode Area under lantern (main usage area) is dark Light is directed towards desired area
Low level of light falls in adjoining areas High beam angle of 140º creates an even and soothing ambient light
Reading Mode Area above and below the lamp is in dark An inherently directional light source
Good light just in areas near the lantern Designed to approximate the broader light distribution
However rest of the room is dark Ample lighting in rest of the room as well
Wall Mode Area above and below
lantern under dark
Uniquely designed to be wall mounted for effective use of the light source
Marginally efficient room lighting Lighting a larger part of the room
Lower level of light is on the ground as light falls
on walls, where it is not needed
Light is directed towards desired areas
Portable Mode Poor design. Intensity of
light is low in front
Designed to be used hands free in different scenarios
Light being emitted on backside where it is not needed Wide light beam with higher luminosity on the front

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