• Longer & better quality of light
  • Optics designed for maximum throw of light
  • Smooth diffusion of light
  • Minimized glare on eyes


  • A compact and handy light with a playful form
  • High quality and robust
  • A multiutility light useful in three different modes


To incorporate all the similar electronics that ECCODIVA had and making the design more precise and light weight was not an easy task. We had to rethink how we think. Our approach towards the design of ECCOLITE had gone under a lot of analysis, reviews and experimentation. Without compromising on any need and at the same time enhancing the experience of the user. ECCOLITE is designed by keeping in mind every minute detail from ergonomics to the anthropometric data of different use cases for the user.

  • ECCOLITE evolved in continuation to its first product ECCODIVA where ECCO inspired from ECO that stands for ECOLOGY , ECONOMICS and ECOSYSTEM and the “LITE” word was derived from the products ambient light and its light weight design.
  • The form has been inspired from a handy torch that is easy to carry and use.
  • The Handle of the Lamp has been designed to serve two utility modes so one can reconfigure the lamp as per need.
  • The combination of the metal and plastic handle is made to give a solid look and a pleasant feel while in use.
  • The soft  rubber power button  with translucent finish delivers a perfect LED user interface that defines the battery status and merges along the surface of ECCOLITE.
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