• Core technology of ECCOLITE
  • Micro controller based electronics
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking for optimal solar charging
  • Software Programmable


  • Patent Pending microcontroller based technology forms the core of ECCOLITE
  • Ensures high efficiency in charging and drive
  • Customizable User Interface


ECCOLITE has a micro-controller based electronics that provides a backup of 8 hours in the brightest mode, and 100 hours backup in the Night lamp mode. These requirements are mapped according to the study of uses of these modes based on research. The Technology enables ECCOLITE to be most energy efficient that provides light equivalent to a 5 Watt CFL.Another unique feature of the electronics is that it allows the lamp to be charged between 90V to 280V, since in India and many other developing countries Grid based Power supply is un-reliable.

  • It also has a feature of Maximum Power Point Tracking that allows Solar Charging from Dawn to Dusk, unlike a lot of solar products that need the sun-altitude to be higher for efficient charging.
  • ECCOLITE uses 1 Watt Cool White LED that radiates an amazing bright light that controls the Driving and Charging Efficiencies which is managed by the micro- controller.
  • It also allows users to charge the light from an option of Grid based Power supply, Solar Panels and other Human Powered charging sources.
  • It also supports mobile charging of all basic phones. It is powered by Lithium Ion Battery with Smart Battery Indicators for four light levels.
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