• Universally Accessible Tablets
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Compact design with accessiblity shortcuts


  • Fulfills information and entertainment needs
  • Accessible Applications Pack with Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Optional Eyes Free Shell Launcher for differently abled users


  • With Software enhancements Buddy tablet is made more user friendly in terms of navigation and accessibility

Buddy Tablet

Buddy Tablet fulfills both information and entertainment needs of the user. Buddy tablet has been specifically designed to provide independence to the people with different abilities.  Its eases navigation through all the applications and makes them more accessible to the visually impaired users.


  • Comes with two home shells Android 4.0 OS and Eyes Free Shell
  • Internet Browser, Email, Media & Flash player
  • Buddy locater application suite
  • Google Drive helps you edit documents and spreadsheets
  • Accessibility Applications Pack ( with keyboard shortcuts)
  • Accessible Navigation starts through pinch-in and hold gesture
  • Braille stickers on menu buttons for easy usage and understanding
  • Integrated with Darwin reader, Android book reader designed specifically for blind, low vision, and print disabled users.
  • Pre-installed Google Goggles an android app that searches by taking a picture of a painting, a barcode or QR code, a product will provide you with useful information
  • Music Player

Buddy features innovations in Universal Design – thus creating accessible platform that is “truly for all”. The Man Machine Interface design smartly uses the different senses (Vision, Speech and Touch) to deliver a rich User Experience. Buddy leverages High Fidelity sound along with a High Quality Capacitive TFT touch based User Interface and USB based external keyboard to allow an easy access of Buddy.

The clever use of accessible menus, special gestures, shortcut keys, screen reader and high quality TFT colour display with a High Contrast Colour Combination and Large Fonts (Font size further increases in selected items) enables the product to be easily used by One and All. The Colour Contrast can be further enhanced (at the cost of battery backup time) through the Settings.

Buddy is not a product, but a Software platform, allowing for an Ecosystem of developers to add-on new and innovative applications. Buddy has been designed to address the educational and entertainment needs of a user.

Buddy uses a combination of Graphical User Interface (GUI) and ‘Menu Voicing’ for interacting with the user. The inputs from the User are provided through key press operations or insertion and removal of connectors/ card into a port/ socket. The Voiced menu and the Audio playback volumes are independent to allow the user to set the volumes at a comfortable level for the User Interface and Content.


  • Three simple accessible navigations via keyboard, Explore by touch and Eyes Free Shell
  • Keyboard Shortcuts to turn on accessibility.
  • Special “pinch-in and hold” gesture (touch the screen with 2 fingers, pinch-in and hold for 10 seconds) to launch the accessibility app of talk back.
  • Status Indicators that reminds of your notifications, mails and battery status.
  • Audible cues for startup, shutdown, battery charging and low battery warning.
  • Every application installed on buddy has some shortcut accessibility enhancements that makes the navigation easier and simpler
  • Reposition and create your own shortcuts
  • Automatic Page Flipping while reading a book
  • Pre-installed Daisy Reader, a digital book reader aiming to fulfill the needs of visually impaired
  • Provides Quick Navigation while accessing Web
  • With pinch gesture you can zoom in and out any image or document
  • Preconfigured shortcuts in the launcher for easier navigation of the applications.
  • Accessible Application pre-installed like cool reader, Darwin reader, Connexus Keyboard Tutor, File Manager, Web Browser, Google Drive, Google Goggles, Ideal Web Reader and Notepad.
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