For people with disabilities to become productive and contributing members of the community is by affording them with education, given by competent teachers, trained instructors and other professionals.

An ample amount of research lead us to some of the important cases of Infotainment needs of the user:

Most important uses of Media Players

  • Book reading – used for text books and other books.
  • Recording–for taking voice notes and recording classroom lectures
  • Information from radio
  • Entertainment with music and radio
  • Gadgets – Games & organizer

Studying the existing products available in the market we came down to the following analysis of the products:

Existing products

  • Designed for either reading or recording only.
  • Poorly designed UI and poor ID causes
  • Entertainment and gaming features missing in most products
  • No serious design thought to the product design – imagine adopting a bulky design which is painful to carry along.

Therefore realizing the existing need in the market we came down to certain objectives to work further in this area targeting especially for blind, visually impaired, physically handicapped, learning-disabled, or print-disabled readers.

  • Re-look at the real use cases for infotainment in the target segment
  • Low cost – Customer’s affordability is very low!!
  • Think ‘Design for all’ & ‘universal design’
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