Product Philosophy

At Bisquare, the philosophy employed while conceiving products is to ensure the least possible negative-impact on the environment while focusing on real needs, energy efficiency and innovation that provides a strong value-proposition for the consumers and stakeholders. Our key focus is to provide innovations which are of true value at the grass-root level.

Our approach to design is to ensure that performance, desirability, functionality and aesthetics are not the only considerations, but the need to deliver on the long term impact of products and ideas on environment and social development.

We also believe that products can be designed in a manner which makes them cross cultural and cut through economic barriers, that move away from lifestyles and become attitudes that are more responsible and mindful of impact on the future and on humanity.

Design Thinking is employed to create real value that translates to compelling business strategy. Design Thinking involves finding simple solutions that make products more “desirable”, technically “feasible”, economically “viable” and ecologically “responsible”. The solution needs to be elegant through function, form, aesthetics, usability, energy efficiency and most of all the impact on society and the environment. This is achieved through innovation in both design and technology to achieve the most optimal and compelling solution.
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