• Almost a quarter of the world's population live without access to electricity
  • In India itself, 400 million people lack electricity!


More than a billion people across the world still do not have access to electricity. Over the last decade, growth in power demand has consistently outpaced growth in supply. At Bisquare we aim to address the power needs of the planet in a sustainable manner in two ways

  • Developing efficient electronic devices and appliances which consume less power
  • Providing clean energy (solar) based power generation solutions

Kerosene Lamp  Statistics

For those who have no access to electricity, the only mode of lighting are candles, kerosene lantern, and firewood. These existing lighting options are not only expensive and inefficient but also have health hazards.

  • A billion kerosene lamps are used daily worldwide
  • The light produced at an optimal usage distance of 2ft  is less than 10 lux (which is very less)
  • Kerosene consumption is 200 – 300 ml per day or 50-75 liters per year (approx 250 days usage per year)
  • Contributes to global warming by producing an emission of 150-200 Kg of CO2 per  person per year.
  • Each lamp consumes Rs 2-3 per day of subsidized (>60% subsidy) Kerosene (Government subsidy for the Below the Poverty Line (BPL) users)
  • Expenditure of Rs 10,000 Crore per year, contributing 13 million tonnes of CO2 per year just for lighting!

A look at the existing Products

The available existing alternatives to kerosene lamps  are  mostly CFL and LED based  lamps that have been evolved from a conventional kerosene lantern design. However, these products suffer from various drawbacks like

  • Poorly designed Optics and poor Industrial design which causes direct glare in the eyes (dangerous for eyesight)
  • Do not support dimming
  • Low Overall system efficiencies
  • Use efficient, unidirectional LED source to provide 360 ° light distribution in order to emulate an inefficient kerosene lamp design
  • No serious design thought to the product design by adopting a 1,000 year old design on ultra-efficient unidirectional light source is a criminal waste.

Need of the time : A fresh look at design

An extensive research of the lighting needs of the mass market reveals the following needs for lighting, especially for the rural or sub-urban user:

AMBIENT LIGHTING Quality light in a room after dark & night light
SECURITY LIGHTING Portable light with a wide beam
TASK LIGHT / TABLE LAMP High quality light for work, study and handicrafts

A need clearly existed for a major Design intervention of existing lighting products. The key objective was

  • A need to move away from the 360 degree conventional lantern design which owes its formal evolution to the inherent limitations of fuel based lighting.
  • Design lighting products using low power consuming LEDs which take advantage of the directional properties of LED.
  • To design optics keeping in mind optimal lighting conditions to suit reading, way finding, ambient light and wall light
  • To provide different brightness levels of light based on different usage patterns
  • Use optics to direct the light optimally to the area of interest.
  • Lower power consumption, longer battery life and a better quantum of light.

Sustainable and Energy efficient Design

Bisquare believes that the best technology should be available not only to the affluent strata that have the opportunity, but also be used to develop highly efficient solutions and products for the seldom-addressed ‘bottom of the pyramid’.

Ideas for our world is our endeavour towards

  • Development of innovative products for unreliable power/offgrid markets which are rugged, reliable, flexible and field upgradable
  • Low cost products that fall in customer’s affordability
  • Thinking ‘out of the box’ and be ‘green’ by providing sustainable and energy efficient solutions
  • Leveraging cutting edge technology to optimally utilize Solar or grid based power source in an unreliable power scenario
  • Designing products/solutions that make the consumer self sufficient in being able to produce his own energy more efficiently and save cost
  • Providing energy efficient power/lighting solutions to a large market that would range from Urban lifestyles to Rural needs
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